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Monday, November 15, 2010

Waiting To Exhale sequel "Getting To Happy".......

     OK, so I just peed on myself a little.......I am browsing Amazon.com, because they FLOOD my email inbox with DUMB suggestions that I usually don't give a damn, and due to my recent purchase of "For Colored Girls" novel about a month ago, I got something that caught my eye.

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     Anyway, I got a "suggestion" for the Terry McMillan novel "The Interruption of Everything", which I already own and have read at least 10 times, but I kept browsing and I see THIS:

 Have I REALLY been under a rock to have not known that this WTE sequel was even a possibility, yet alone written, edited and already published??? Was "Getting To Happy" even mentioned in Ebony, Essence, Jet or even Black Hair magazine? Well, since I'm cheap, and don't subscribe to those magazines anyway, I guess I WOULD HAVE never known. DAMN. So, of course, I counted my pennies, and bought it! SUPER excited!!! I wonder if a movie sequel is coming in the next few years as well? I wonder if Whitney Houston, Loretta Devine, Angela Basset and Lela Rochon would be willing to revisit those characters we have grown to love? Someone better call Tyler Perry or Forest Whitaker! I bet Tyler Perry probably already bought the "Getting To Happy" movie rights....watch!
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  1. haha! girl, you HAVE been living under a rock! moreover, there have been unofficial talks of a sequel. i think i heard something to the effect of Whitney being the hold out...