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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Do you notice you get more male attention when your hair is curly? do you think Men really notice- do u get stares from them? what are your thoughts

Sadly, I get more male attention when my hair is straight. In LA, I feel the men are just as superficial as the women. Not all, of course......

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  1. I live in LA and I can relate to the fact that the men are superficial. However, I think I get more attention from men since I started wearing my hair curly. They definitely notice the curly hair and always comment on it. I think the length of the straight hair is also a factor. Shoulder length straight hair does not receive as much attention from men as BSL straight hair.

  2. Well I have to tell you, I just did my Big Chop on Tuesday of this week. I was totally prepared for every man in my path to dislike my short curly hair and comment that my long straight hair was so much better. I WAS TOTALLY SHOCKED over the past 2 days I got, "Wow, you can really pull that look off well, its very sexy." from SIX men who I felt were being totally sincere. Of course there are some guys who frowned or gave me no comment at all, but I was not expecting those SIX. Not only did the compliment make me feel good, but I looked at the male species differently too. Humm, maybe they aren't as shallow as I once thought. LOL, just kidding... :)