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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Hair Length Goal/ Hair Inspiration?!?!

     People sometimes ask me, "what's your hair goal" or "How long are you growing your hair"? At first, along with a lot of other women, I wanted to grow my hair LONG, or as long as it would go. When I was a kid, I always dreamed of hair down my back, free and flowing in the wind. The only time I've ever had my hair like that was when I had gotten my first perm, which I believe was when I was in the 3rd grade. My hair was all the way down my back, and I can vividly remember at birthday party of mine, at a rollerskating rink no less, where I was rollerskating and I was able to "whip my hair back and forth" up and down the rink!! I loved it! Sadly, due to perms and hair mismanagement throughout the remaining years, my hair has never retained that length again, until now!
     While I'm no longer obsessed with long hair, I am kinda curious to see just how long my hair will grow. I found this picture, somewhere on a website and/or Google search, and as of today, this is going to be my "hair length goal" or "Hair inspiration"! My curls are a lot tighter than hers obviously, but I think I want my hair to hang like "that" and at that length UN-STRETCHED. Can I do it?? We shall see.......

I like the "curly" left side better!

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