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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

BBBRRRRR San Diego!!

38 degrees San Diego, really!?!?!

Frosty, gusty night for Southern California

The Associated Press

LOS ANGELES—It's still autumn in Southern California but it's feeling a lot like winter.
Temperatures are plunging Monday night, especially in the region's mountains and valleys.
The National Weather Service says a cold air mass is making frost a possibility in inland areas from Santa Barbara to San Diego counties. Temperatures could dip into the 20s with winds between 25 and 35 mph.
The service has issued frost advisories through 9 a.m. Tuesday for several communities and recommends keeping animals and sensitive plants indoors overnight.
Bigger cities will feel their share of cold too.
Overnight lows are forecast at 34 degrees for downtown Santa Barbara, 40 degrees for downtown Los Angeles and 41 degrees for downtown San Diego.
A slow warming trend is expected to begin later Tuesday.
Of course I had to snuggle with these two....look who was burrowing under the blankets.....



(Spoiled Sophie!!!!)
BTW, YES.....I'm one of those people who sleep with their dogs......