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Saturday, November 6, 2010

MY Handmade EARRINGS (Sneak Peak part 2)

******MY ETSY PAGE!******

Hey y'all!!! A quick video showing a few of my favorite earrings that I've (hand) made, along with information on my "Chic Earring Boutique", debuting on ETSY within the next week.!

******MY ETSY PAGE!******

(Earring display by Shortysgs03)

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Earrings, earrings and more earrings- Yours truly
Bracelets- (Bronze bangles) Forever 21 (Teal snake bangle) Compton swap meet
Hair Flower- Forever 21
Eyeshadow- Coastal Scents metal mania palette
Lips- MAC "All's Fair" and "O" lipstick, "plum" lip liner

I'm wearing these in my video

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  1. Can't wait, they're gorgeous *o* Will you accept orders from France ?