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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

New York City

NEW YORK CITY at night

Ever since I saw movie "Fame" and "Big Business" in the late 80's, I always told myself I would move to New York City when I graduated high school. Later came "Sex and the City", and the urge to move to NYC has been a lot stronger. Recent events in my life (within the last year) keep pointing me towards NYC, and I no longer think its a coincidence, it just may be "whats meant to be" or "in my cards". IDK, I've always been a southern Cali girl, and my family is still here, so I'm totally torn. :(


  1. i say go for it! you don't want to look back and say "what if?"

  2. When I first started watching your videos I actually thought you lived in NEW YORK (Soho)! Not that you have a New York accent, but you just have that "style" I guess. Only recently, I realized you were in Cali. :) Could be a sign?....lol.

  3. I say a long term visit is def in order to investigate.
    Maybe because I've seen your vids and I'd love to meet u, you're hilarious

  4. LOL yall! If its meant to be, it will be!!