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I love HAIR. I love Make-up. I love Fashion. I love glamour, glitter, sparkles and all things girly. I love watching all of the aforementioned subjects. And this "BLOG" is now gonna allow me to TALK about the aforementioned subjects as well!! Basically this is my "Babbling Blog-a-licious Brouhaha...."

Friday, September 10, 2010

why dont you or can you do "outfit of the day"

I can start doing OOTD, but I don't really do "OOTD's" because my "look" is either an extreme casual (ie: pajamas with flip flops or yoga pants with an old tee to the grocery store) or overly dressed up (ie: full makeup club wear). Also the lighting in my house is so bad, its hard to see at times ESPECIALLY in the evenings. So I'll do OOTD's when I actually go somewhere!

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