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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Afro Bikini Girl

The end of summer is the best time to buy swimsuits for NEXT summer. The swimwear brand that I buy is the UK brand Freya (for us bustier "tig-ol-bitties" gals!) for their bra-like bikini tops.
Since they have a variety of (cute) bikini tops, cups DD and up, I always check FREYA first, then search and watch for it on EBAY. The tops and bottoms on are sold separately for about $50 each, which would be about $100 total, plus international shipping. I AINT PAYING THAT! I bid and WON this bikini (in this color combo) on EBAY for $30 bucks plus $6 shipping! HAY!

Now this post isn't about bikini's, but while I was searching a variety of swimsuits and bikini's n things, I came across this beautiful (freya) model with NATURAL HAIR! I was so inspired, SOMEONE WITH SIMILAR HAIR! DANG, I shoulda got THIS color combo, so we could be twins!! Hair, I mean, not the bikini body! SHUT UP! I can dream, can't I??  
I have a whole year!  :)

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