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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Labor Day Cliff Notes

Had a great Labor Day with the family in beautiful San Diego. Nothing "major" just having fun and silly with my niece and nephew.First we went to the movies (in Horton Plaza, which is in the Gaslamp District of San Diego, CA)

Horton Plaza
and saw "Lottery Ticket", which the kiddies requested. It was OK. The morale of the movie was a kinda "give back" message, which is good for those youngsters to hear.
       After that we all couldn't decide what to eat for dinner : I wanted "really good sushi", my niece wanted "pasta" , my mom wanted "just a salad" , my sister wanted "alcohol", and my nephew wanted "cheeseburgers". OKAY, so after walking quite a bit (which was fine with me, downtown San Diego is beautifully interesting, and it was good to be reminded of that), we FINALLY settled on TGIFridays. I know right?! Real classy. I ordered a mixed berry Margarita, that had WAY to much Jose Cuervo Gold, and promptly traded with my sister (who had some sort of tropical fruity strawberry) because she wanted something stronger anyway.
(I had the drink on the left!)
BTW, my mom probably had the best tasting Mojito Ive EVER had. NO joke. Way to go TGIFridays!! On that note, Have you guys seen the TGIFriday's menu with the new California improved fat gram / calorie indicator the menus???

That ALONE Will make a person sick! The salads were like 1000 calories each, NOT including salad dressing. WHATEVER, I'm on vacation! (Since you're dying to know, I ended up ordering Buffalo Chicken Chibatta sandwich, with sweet potato fries, which I ending up dipping in RANCH dressing AND left over spinach artichoke dip.
TGIFriday pic I 'googled'
Yum! I probably ate 3 million calories that day, including the popcorn I had at the movies.
(Side note- my nephew decided to squeeze the plastic ketchup bottle with the lid closed, because, well.....THAT'S WHAT LITTLE BOYS DO! So guess what happened? The gets squirted all over him, and landed DEAD in his eye. I WANTED TO LAUGH SO BAD, but he's our baby and we couldn't do that to him, but he held it in and didn't cry, but that was hella funny!!)
     After waddling to the car, we went back to my sister's house, which she recently moved into a beautiful, breathtaking downtown sky rise, on the 7th floor.

(A view similar to this pic)
     My niece and nephew had to go to bed early because they were starting the first day of school (6th and 3rd grade) the next day!!! I was SO excited for them.  So after bidding them "Sweet Dreams" us "grown folks" all ended up gossiping the rest of the night, and my sister took pictures of herself to post on Facebook in between watching The Real Housewives of New Jersey reunion show,
....which BTW, I'm proud to say I've NEVER and will never watch. Right before we were leaving, we looked out the window (of a downtown high rise, did I mention that already? ) and saw fireworks!!! YAY!! San Diego had a fairly new ballpark, PETCO Park, smack dab in the middle of downtown,
and I guess they had a Labor Day firework finale, and we had a superb view. I attempted to record it to share with you all, but it was WAY too dark...BOO! SO, see, we didn't do much, but I wouldn't have changed it for any other way! I love my family!

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