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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Stupid people watch TV. Preach Sista, PREACH!!

I am proud to say I do not have cable and haven't had cable since 2003. This blog post totally touched me today, so check out this blog written by BRITTNEYGRAY.  All I could think of was my niece and nephew who LIVE for TV. So true!

--We have trashy girls on t.v. getting drunk and naked, having sex on national television, grown women getting in fights, and girls constantly calling each other "fat and ugly" because it's the only insult that their simple minds can come up with. Luckily, I'm an adult and I've lived in the 90's and early 00's where t.v. wasn't as bad and I know the difference between bullshit shows and real life. Sadly, our younger generations are being brainwashed by this bullshit and they think that it's OK or normal or cool. Younger girls are not being taught how to be ladies. They're being taught that physical appearance matters most and that they should "go off" on people at the drop of a dime because that's what's on t.v. Notice how a lot of these "reality" show previews revolve around a scandal, fight, or argument. We're being brainwashed to hate each other, be sexually promiscuous, strive for fast cash in abundance, and buy excessive material things that they want us to think we need.
     I have a special kind of dislike for a lot of hip hop videos. As you all know, these are the videos with the flashiest cars, jewelry, clothes, and the sexiest women. I have a specific dislike toward these videos because they're aimed toward black youth. What most people don't realize is that blacks specifically are being brainwashed to want these things especially in bad poverty stricken parts of the country. Young black men and women are brainwashed to think that the only way they can become rich or successful is to become a rapper or video hoe or some athlete's wife. The media is trying to dumb you down! Wake up! This is new age slavery. Slavery of the mind. A lot of young black people are so unaware of the potential they possess and it's sad. You can be a lot more than a rapper or video hoe. Don't be a puppet, make your own path.
     As long as people continue to feed into this crap, the worse society is going to get. I know I'm not the only one who finds it annoying that everyone and their dog has a reality show. We all know it's stupid but we watch these shows anyway because they're nonetheless entertaining. Not to mention, the people who actually participate in these shows are puppets to the highest extent of the word. They naturally want to be on t.v. like most people, they make it onto the show, make a fool of themselves, then their 15 minutes of fame is up and the next round of delusional people are cast for a new show.


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  1. So true, I have not had a tv period in my room or my living room for that matter for over a year. In that time it has allowed me to material that "I select!" not what is pushed onto me!! I also stopped buying crappy magazine and it totally allowed me to reprogramme my mind, change my perception of beauty and embrace who I am. A journey that would be so much harder if I insited on watching that crap!!