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I love HAIR. I love Make-up. I love Fashion. I love glamour, glitter, sparkles and all things girly. I love watching all of the aforementioned subjects. And this "BLOG" is now gonna allow me to TALK about the aforementioned subjects as well!! Basically this is my "Babbling Blog-a-licious Brouhaha...."

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Who is your favorite youtube Hair and Makeup guru?

Good question because I dont really have one. I'll have to BLOG about that topic a little later. Maybe a "share the love" video or something! I will say this: the first people to show ME love, were KABRINAM and Taren916. KabrinaM somehow had my video on her channel almost immediately (like the 3rd day after my first video) and Taren916 mentioned me about 3 weeks later! I never forgot, and will never forget that! :) ~tear~

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