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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Mane and Chic REVIST!

This was when I FIRST started making YouTube videos 6 months ago...DANG, TIME FLYS huh!?!?
Check out and follow www.maneandchic.com as well!!

On YouTube... I love You Tube. It has helped me immensely in regards to natural hair care, makeup, products and all that good stuff. My channel is brand-spankin' new, but I will mostly post natural hair care tips and throw in makeup and fashion for a little flavor.

On going natural...
I never did a big chop, I transitioned by pure accident! My hair was severely damaged due to years of damaging hair products, flat ironing and hot combing, so basically I transitioned from relaxed to natural by straw-setting or "bunning" my hair on a regular basis. I did my "kinda-sorta" big chop (straight, damaged ends)", to a Rihanna-esque cut in June 2007, and a 2nd final cut the end of December of 2007. Healthy 3c hair ever since!  I have been natural since 1998, however I made the decision to REALLY take care of my hair in the beginning of 2008. From 1998 to 2008 (10 years!) my hair was damaged "straight" to the point where it would no longer curl, and it was more like a frizzy wave texture. I didn't even know my texture until summer 2008. My last relaxer was Sept 1998, right before I moved out and went away to school . I thought I would look for a new salon or stylist to relax my hair before my next touch-up. About 4 months later, I took a good look at my new growth , and had an epiphany to try and wear my hair natural and to no longer relax. My main motivation was thinking about how much money I would save along with pure laziness!! At the time, I still continued to flat iron/hot-comb on a daily basis, and unbeknown to me, was another huge mistake!

Hair care regimen...
My regimen is fairly simple. I wash when I feel it needs it ( about 1-2 weeks). I have 3 wash cycles: light,medium and heavy wash. Light is a co-wash, medium is a wash with sulfate-free shampoo, and heavy wash is to clarify with a mild shampoo containing sulfates. I alternate with a deep conditioner and a protein treatment every 2 weeks. I do this as a pre-poo on dry hair.

On trimming...
I dust using the "search and destroy" method every time I straighten my hair, which is about 4 times a year! However I will trim maybe every 6 months.

On heat...
I flat iron maybe 4 times a year, or maybe on some random special occasion. I do stretch out my curls with my blow-dryer on low heat maybe once a week, if that counts. I wear my hair down may once or twice a week. I usually wear a "high" or "low" puff!

On color... 
The last time I've dyed my hair was January 2009. I've only used rinses that wash out, but I really want to try Henna.

Food for hair...
I've used and still use MAYO as a protein treatment ONLY BECAUSE I accidentally bought some fat free mayonnaise, (and I HATE fat free mayo) and I didn't want to just throw it away. I will use it until its gone. What can I say, I hate wasting money.

Favorite products...
Hands down, my favorite product is Nourish Spa conditioner, from Trader Joe's! As a matter of fact, 90% of my favorite hair products come from Trader Joe's! Trader Joe's Jojoba oil, Nourish Spa conditioner and aloe vera gel. However, I'm still looking for my "staple" spray leave in conditioner.

Favorite hair styles...
An 80's side curly ponytail, or a low side curly puff.

You should know...
Imperfections are beautiful! I have a bald spot on my right temple. Its like an oval shaped silver dollar. I used to be so self conscious about it. I used to get asked about it all the time. I used to want a hair transplant to get rid of it permanently. I cover it up on occasion, but now I'm fine with it and I know it makes me who I am.


  1. do you have pictures of this Rihanna cut?

  2. If you watch my "Hair Journey" video on YouTube, I posted a few!