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Friday, October 15, 2010


(I'm writing this as I wait to rinse out my hair dye!)    
      I was supposed to go to Ulta today to get some heat protectant for when I flat iron my hair tomorrow (also I had an Ulta $5 off coupon), but on the way there, there is this random beauty supply store that I've heard has hair products galore and F.A.B makeup as well, so I decided to stop there first.......
This is how I felt when I walked in......
I totally stole this pic from another blogger, BTW ( but don't we ALL feel like this sometimes??)
     The store is called Nigel's Beauty Supply, and it is now my new heaven. Not only did they have HAIR products that I've been eying for some time, but they have makeup, as in "makeup artistry" cosmetics as well. They had the full line of MakeUp Forever, but the best find of the day was OCC LIP TARS, by Obsessive Compulsive cosmetics. Word is you cant buy these anywhere, you can purchase them through a makeup/trade show or you have to order on-line. (http://www.occmakeup.com/lips.html)
Ive heard great things about these "super duper pigmented" lip paints, and I wanted a red one, so I ended up getting "Stalker". I may do a "look" and "opinion" about this soon, so STAY TUNED!
I also got the Redken 07 Iron Silk Straightening Spray, which as $16, but cheaper than my previous one, so i didn't feel so bad.....
     Lastly I headed over to Walgreen's, and picked up the Kiss Nails french tip and black tips (thanks to Shortysgs03), cotton balls, Clean n Clear facial wipes, Instead menstrual cups (google it!") and Aussie Moist Minute Miracle (on sale for $3!!!). I was a little pissed because Walgreen's had the NEXXUS heat protectant for $12 (see yesterdays blog).
(CRAP HAUL! Oh yeah, and a MAC pigment sample in "TAN")

After that I went home, and DID NOTHING for hours........
PS- I never made it to Ulta

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