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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Birthday "Pamper Week" Countdown (Day #2)

My plan was to go "tanning" today, but I got lazy. I didn't really pamper myself at all today. Took out my lazy two ponytail twist out and went out to eat with a friend. Got back from dinner, ( BTW I ate a super-duper typical FAT American meal of Tri-Tip and cheddar on toasted sourdough Au Jus, french fries *with ranch dressing* and a crappy, not-worth-the-calories slice of banana cream pie) around 2am-ish and took a regular shower when I got home. The only thing I did special was rub lemon juice on my spots/ freckles. I then took the picture below:

Here's my freckles and makeup-less face AFTER the lemon juice
Maybe I'll do a "before and after" to see if lemon juice bleaches my freckles........ LASTLY, I ran some EVOO on my ends, then re-twisted my pony tails. BTW, my two ponytail twist-out didn't look so bad! Any who, thanks for reading and night-night!


  1. hey gurl happy bday ( not sure what day it is) lol muah

  2. THANKS Toija! Not till 10/18, but thanks for the early wishes!! :)

  3. Ive got freckles and I don't mind them. It's the red marks left from spots that I cant stand! Ive used lemon juice on my skin before but I cant remember if it actually made a difference or I I just felt good for using a "natural" form of skin care? Humm..let me know if you see results xx