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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Birthday "Pamper Week" Countdown (Day #3)

DISCLAIMER: This post is nothing but me rambling. (Whats else is new?!?)

      I will be flat ironing my hair on Friday, so my errands today was to hit up Sally's Beauty Supply, Marshall's, and some random beauty supply specifically for Redken 07 Iron Silk Straightening Spray or Nexxus Heat Protexx Heat Protection Styling Spray. However trip was unsuccessful. Believe it or not, the Ross/ Marshall's by me always some sort of "high end" heat protectant, but of course the day I need it was the day they didn't have it. (I will go to Ulta tomorrow, but I'll call first!) HOWEVER, today I decided I'm going to color my hair. Before you get excited, nothing major, just to give my hair color more "OOMPH". My natural hair is color is weird. I'm not quite a "1B" which is as off black, but I'm darker than a "2" which is a dark brown, so I ended up buying a box of Revlon Color-Silk Beautiful Color in Brown/Black, which is obviously lighter than off black, but darker than dark brown. DUH. :) It was on sale, and more importantly is doesn't have ammonia, so it seems a little safer than most hair dyes. So, nothing MAJOR, just a little "OOMPH" for my straight hair. ROUTINE WILL BE: dying my hair tomorrow. Protein treatment later that night. Then let my hair dry overnight in about 4 braids with some Chi Silk Infusion.

     OK, so back to my B-Day Pampering preparation for Day #3. Again, nothing major. Morning shower I exfoliated the H.E.L.L out of my skin, then I went to tan (later in the day of course). I like to be "golden" when I go out clubbing and things, so after my tan I'm slightly "peachy, aka-sunburned", but that's normal for me. ( DON'T FREAK OUT, I only tan twice a year: B-Day and right before 4Th of July. I know its bad and it causes skin cancer, I'm aware of that. OKAAAAYYY!)
     I used DOVE on a "puff" for my night shower. Took off nail polish. I put Aloe Vera ALL OVER body, tea tree oil on my face "spots" and my nightly Shea butter and lotion concoction on hands, feet, elbows and knees. BTW, my hair is still in a protective style y'all! That's a big deal for me, so ~pat on the back~! Rubbed some EVOO on my ends, put on my satin bonnet, and night night!
Y'all are probably bored to tears, so thanks for reading!


  1. nope i wasnt bored to tears lol =-)

  2. I wasn't bored to tears I like reading your blog :D