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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

UPDATE Walgreens "Shea Moisture" AND "Twisted Sista" BOGO

I'm late with this, but I want to give a special thanks to my YouTube AND Twitter natural ladies for this heads up!

(SIDEBAR- I think we should all go out and purchase the Shea Moisture products (or any product marketed towards multi ethnic hair), just show that there is a demand for this product(s). ("Suppy and Demand", an economic concept.....get it?!?) For some reason, deep down I feel this is a marketing test as to see whether or not Walgreen's should continue carrying these products. If we wipe them clean THIS TIME, these products will continue to be in stock for the future. Just a  suggestion!)

I believe this sale ends ends April 2nd, so I'm going tomorrow!!

So, I ran to Walgreen's (my local Walgreen's closes at 11pm, and I made it there at 10:44pm), and this what I ended up getting......

I'm lucky I purchased what I did, because look what was LEFT.............

I was pleasantly surprised; I thought it would be overflowing because I live in a "non- ethnic" neighborhood!!

  UPDATE - While I was there I noticed another BOGO event....TWISTED SISTA was get two products for $7!! We have until April 30th before this coupon expires, but I was surprised I hadn't heard this AWESOME deal. Next week, I'm ON IT!!!!!


  1. I was in the Walgreens in Manhattan Beach and they didn't have the Shea Moisture, but they had the Twisted Sister. I didn't know TS was BOGO. So tonight, thinking Walgreens was open 24hrs, I go waltzing up there at 10 and they were closed ugh! I guess I'll get out there tomorrow bright and early.

    And I'll be watching a few reviews on TS since I've never used it before.

  2. Hey girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I know, I've always wanted to try "Twisted Sista", so for 2 for $7??? YEAH, I guess this is the time to try it out! I am gonna get some next week, fa reals!!!
    PS- I did call my 2 "local" Walgreen's just to double check!! :)

  3. "I think we should all go out and purchase the Shea Moisture products, just show the demand for this product."

    i would participate, except i don't demand SheaMoisture. it turned my hair into a greasy haystack.

  4. LOL, I cleaned out the one near my house on Monday. I got the Hair Mask from the Black Soap line, A Yucca Milk, 2 Coconut Milk, 2 Black Soap Shampoo, Coconut Shampoo and the Shea Shampoo. I wanted the Curl Enhancing smoothie but the two Walgreens I went to didn't carry them. I asked the workers there about the Shea Moisture line because I couldn't find it and they had no clue as to what I was talking about and told me they didn't have it. One Walgreens had it near the perms and the other Walgreens had it in the body lotion isle at the bottom where no one could see it, glad I kept looking for it in the store. I might stop at one more on my way home for the smoothie just to make a point, that this line is needed and we will buy it. Oh and there are no signs up that show it's a BOGO event.

  5. @Sarah, I just changed the wording, but too bad the SheaMoisture didnt work for you. The SheaMoisture "restore" (in the yellow packaging" doesnt agree with my hair, but I LOVE the "Curl" line........

  6. HEEEEEEEEEEEEEY Makeup Vixen!!!
    I would actually CALL Walgreens, so you dont have to make a useless trip. But then again, you may get a sales person who doesnt know what they are talking about!!!

  7. oh no! you didn't have to change the wording for me! i understood what you meant, i was just commenting on how i wish i could be involved with the BOGO event :-(

  8. I found it at the Walgreens in La Crescenta...yaaayyyy!!!! I'll be going to another one later today because I want the restorative and shea butter conditioners. My friend's birthday is this weekend and guess what she's getting. You guessed right! Some Shea Moisture - the curl enhancing smoothie and hair milk since she loves them both.