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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Feathers For Spring!!

SPRING IS HERE (however I don't think Los Angeles go the memo yet!!)

What inspired me to do these was not only the brilliant colors, but something similar I saw about 3 years ago. Now this was WAY before the THOUGHT of "making" earrings entered my brain pan, but about 3, maybe even 4 years ago I was walking around the mall one day (The Glendale Galleria, specifically) and I wandered across this odd furniture store. Well, half was furniture, and the other half was art (paintings, figurines, exotic plants, etc). In this little tiny corner was this display of dyed peacock feather earrings. Now, at the time, I've never even SEEN a dyed peacock feather, let alone the thought of dyeing a peacock feather was ACTUALLY possible! I've never seen anything like them! They were lime green in color, fabulous and awesome, so I KNEW I HAD TO HAVE THEM! I asked the sales lady the price, and she said something like $75!!! She said they were hand made by a local jewelry maker and from an albino peacock (OK, whatever), but I declined, but I told myself I would get them one day. Three (maybe even 4) years later, I did get my peacock earrings, but I ended up making them myself, along with every color of the rainbow!!!!

PS- Display purchased from UniqueDisplays09 (via ETSY)

SO,TO MAKE A LONG STORY SHORT, As I mentioned before I LOVE peacock feathers, and I've been playing around with them for some time now, and I wanted to show you a "sneak peak" of what I will be adding to my ETSY! I will be adding these on April 1st, so keep a lookout!


  1. PS- I will also be added White and Turquoise peacock feathers as well! (Playing with other feather too ~wink wink~)

  2. Just Lovely,Take a picture wearing a pair (*~*)