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Thursday, March 31, 2011

PICS PICS PICS!! Los Angeles Curly Girl (HEALTH & BEAUTY MIXER) MeetUp PICS!!!

FIRST OFF.......SPECIAL *CYBER HUG* to MyHairFetish for all of these pics!!!!

PS- It was so packed, I didn't even bother to record any footage or take random photos! I stayed outside, munching away on (whats was left of) the free food, and making tons of noise!! Oh, and all my "random" photos are of the Grand Lux desserts!!

MlleCafeAuLait, TastiRedBone, MyHairFetish, and SisterBoyd

Kim Coles group pic!!!

My hair looks a crispy-flyaway mess next to TastiRedBone and MyHairFetish!

Kim and MyHairFetish look FAB!!!

Meanwhile, Kim doesn't look too thrilled in this pic......LOL!!

Oh well, you like my Orange nail polish?!?!

It was hot, and since we weren't gonna get to sit down anyways....we decided to take a trip to......

Caramel Apple Martini, ordered by.......

SisterBoyd (http://www.youtube.com/sisterboyd)

MyHairFetish! (http:www.youtube.com/myhairfetish)

BeautifulHair3!!! (http://www.youtube.com/user/BEAUTIFULHAIR3)

MlleCafeAuLait and TastiRedBone!!

ATTA GIRL TastiRedBone!!! (http://www.youtube.com/user/tastiredbone)
OK, here's some random Grand Lux dessert pics.....whatever, YOU KNOW THEY LOOK GOOD!!!

Apple Pie a la Mode!


Carrot Cake (BeautifulHair3 said it was nasty though.....)

All of us!!!


PS- More pics: http://my-hair-fetish.blogspot.com/


  1. awwww great post... I just wuv you.... Thanks for the love....

  2. LOL, you are so getting jacked for the pictures, LOL. I didn't even take any pictres but I will take the footage from my random camera moments and these photos to try and make a video this weekend. I can't wait until the next mixer, lol. I think Lydia wants to try something for May or June plus African Export is suppose to have something too. YAY!

  3. O wow I'm jealous! It looked like u ladies had a blast. And everyones Kinks & Curls looked great!!

  4. Cute pix!! I love Grand Lux!! Yum! :)