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Monday, March 7, 2011

Mixed Chicks Knock Off???

Just at first glance, doesn't this look like a STRAIGHT JACK from the Mixed Chick packaging???

"Mixed Silk" by Silk Elements Deep Conditioner VS Mixed Chicks Deep Conditioner

"Mixed Silk" by Silk Elements Leave-In Conditioner VS Mixed Chicks Leave-In Conditioner
 Out of the four products, I've only used the "Mixed Chicks Leave-In", back when I was a curly newbie in 2008, and I still think it an OK product (its a great travel product as well!), but I saw these two (Mixed Silk) products at Sally's beauty supply, and I wanted to do a little research before I bought and tested them. They are WAAAAAYYY cheaper than Mixed Chicks, I can tell you that much!!


PS- In case you missed this, one of my first YouTube Videos.........

(DON'T LAUGH....I was all kindza nervous; I was still new to the YT!!!)

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  1. Are the ingredients the same? I have the MC leave-in and I like it. Just haven't used it in forever. I made a mental note to re-visit it though. I wanted to try their deep conditioner but if I can get the same for less, then I will.