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Friday, February 25, 2011

NATURAL HAIR show made CNN Living!

I'm totally late with this, but ENJOY!!!

"Bronner Bros. show highlights natural hair"
     -That might be seem like an unexpected trend, with music artists such as Beyonce and Nicki Minaj sporting bright wigs and extensions. Wigs, weaves and relaxers are indeed big business. In 2006, black hair care products including relaxers, shampoos and hair accessories for weaves totaled $1.8 billion, according to The Hunter-Miller Group Inc., a market research group specializing in African-American issues.
But going natural, say several stylists and experts, is making a comeback.
     "Some women are fascinated with that, and they want to bring out the beauty in their hair," Amador says. "They want to wear it and show it off."
     Defining what is considered "natural hair" can be tricky. Some say going natural is going relaxer-free. Some say it's not wearing any chemical hair products, even hair dyes. Others are more lenient with the definition of natural and include hairstyles that use some hair products as well as rollers or straightening irons.
Wigs, weaves and going natural have been a touchy subject for many black women. For decades, hair that was -- and some argue still is -- considered "acceptable" by society and in the workplace involved hair that was relaxed or permed, says Tasha Turner, beauty editor at Essence magazine.
"Natural hair is something we always have dealt with in mainstream society," she says.
The natural trend isn't new. For example, Turner says in the 1960s and '70s, the afro became a popular look for women. By the 1980s, braids were "in," as seen in rap videos and on hip-hop artists.


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