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Saturday, January 1, 2011

SO it begins.....

my dinner.......
DIET! I know right, SUCH A CLICHE! I actually WANT to eat better, and SO IT BEGINS!!

This is my motivation. Who's yours?

PS- these skinny jeans are THE BEST for curvy gals! They LOOK like jeans, but they aren't at all. These were before companies starting using the ever-annoying-term "jeggings"! I have these in medium blue (like these), dark blue, gray, and two different styles of black! They are by Guess and are called the "Brittney". I SWEAR BY THEM! 


  1. aww, good luck with your resolution! i personally don't do them, but then again my hips are as wide as they've ever been ;)

  2. Good Luck on your goal! I also decided to diet also. My motiviation is to be the size that I was my senior year in high school! That was my perfect size!

  3. you!! I not trying to anything drastic, just get back to my regular size too! Thats why I love Amber Rose, I think she has the best shape! Ive put on about 30lbs over a 4 years period, and I just wanna fit my clothes!!

  4. I wish you luck. I have been given a challenge by my BFF. I will be a Maid of Honor by next summer or fall, so I need to drop about 50 pounds. I'm with you, I just want to fit into my clothes again. I slacked off...

  5. OOH, a wedding is THEE PERFECT motivation!!

  6. I'm so late with this comment, but I have to put my two cents in :) Amber Rose is my weight loss/ work out motivation too because she has the perfect ratio of curves and lean muscle. Good luck with your diet!