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Sunday, August 29, 2010


OK, so I was Starbucks today, and NO JOKE, every single laptop user in there, had a MAC. WTF!!!! I don't get what the big deal is? I don't know much about MAC's, but what I do know is that they seem to be unhackable (is that a word) and not get viruses as frequently, you can also take them into any APPLE store for a free diagnostics, and the APPLE network is the fasted, hands down. On the other hand, MAC's are the most expensive, usually double the price, they do not come with many features, and they are not compatible with all programs. Are there more differences? It seems like MAC users are somehow trying to buy into an image, like your totally (~insert VALLEY-GIRL voice here~) "EPIC AND HARDCORE with a MAC", which is totally abnormal for LA (sarcasm).
Whatever, so far I LOVE my Sony Vaio, but I'm not one to talk, because the sole reason I purchased this VAIO is because its FLAMINGO PINK and I wanted it to match all of my electronics......     :)
(~insert VALLEY-GIRL voice here~)

(I added my playboy shot glass and coffee mug, cause i can......)

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