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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Pissy mood today.......

          To start off, one of my BFFL's left back home to NYC on Friday, after staying with me for the whole summer. Yes, we got A LOT done, aka GRADUATE BAR TENDING SCHOOL, ~CHEERS~, but I'm sad to see him go. Any who, while he was packing up the car with his CRAP, he must have accidentally slipped my apartment garage door clicker in his bag. Great. The office is closed until Monday, so I, or my car rather, was locked in all weekend. To top it off, its $50 for another garage door clicker.

     Since the cleaners was across the street, I decided to WALK and FINALLY get my winter coat (that was in there since APRIL) out of the dry cleaners. Now here's a little background about my winter coat. I visited NYC back during the NEW YORK blizzard early Feb. 2010, and since I live in sunny southern CA, I cant even SPELL snow (sarcasm). So since I was only gonna buy ONE winter coat, I knew I wanted it to be wool, (but not scratchy wool), so I found a SUPERB deal on this Wool/Cashmere, single breasted (so I don't look fat) black coat by Marvin Richards. I don't know who-the-hell Marvin Richards is, but I guess he's a designer, and his coats are usually $200 and up (not a whole heck of a lot, but lets remember: I'm cheap, and I wanted to save money to SPEND on stuff I REALLY want while IN NYC). Here's the coat:
     After searching EBay, Amazon, Overstock and countless discount places, I finally found it at this Department store in Chicago, IL that was going out of business for $60!! Glory hallelujah! SO, I only paid $60 for this coat.
     Back to my dry cleaning story. Hence returning to sunny CA, I couldn't just throw my coat in the washer, obviously, so I thought I'd have to pay $10 to take it to the dry cleaners. Since wasn't dirty to begin with, the main thing I wanted was to get the dog AND cat hair off, (souvenirs from my host in NYC) and some of the buttons tightened. I thought I'd kill two birds with one stone.
   Four months later, (today) I get it out of the dry cleaners, the bill is $60!!!!!! The same price I paid for the damn coat! I WALK home, put it on a wooden hanger, take the plastic off, check ALL the buttons, and THEN notice dog AND cat hair......

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