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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Beshe "Drew" Wig

Hey y'all!! Guess what?!? I bought the Beshe "Drew" Wig!!
BUT, NOT FOR ME.........
Meet "Amber"

"Drew" WIG purchased via hairwigharlem.com

LOL!!! Those of you who may not know, I've been making beaded hoop earrings for a few months now, and I'm adding feathers for the Spring and Summer months! When I went to take pictures of my "Peacock Feather" earrings, something didn't look right, and the pictures didn't capture the true "essence" of the earrings. SO, that's when I decided to purchase AMBER! (PS- the name "Amber" was going to be MY name when I was born, but they decided on "Adrianne" instead!)
Now, OBVIOUSLY "Amber" is BALD (a la Amber Rose....hhhm, maybe my mannequin should be named Amber Tulip, or Amber Orchid......), but to she belongs in the natural hair community, so I figured this is the perfet time (or excuse) to get the Beshe DREW wig! You don't really see the full wig in the pictures, but who knows, I may play around and sneak some pictures of me wearing the wig myself!!!!!

PS- YES, these earrings are for sale, and I will be adding more to my shop!

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  1. I'd luv to see some pics or a YT vid with that wig..i've been thiiiinking of getting 1 but afraid it'll look too fake or too shiny lol