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Friday, January 20, 2012


OK....so "what had happened was.........."
I wanted to make some "DIVA" earrings for some Lil divas or pre-teens divas, or even for the folks that prefer a smaller hoop earring, but I never got around to it. SO.....I figured I should do a completely random, impromptu FACEBOOK giveaway! Now, without giving too much info away, I've decided on a "question-and-answer" type game......and the first person to answer this question correctly wins. To be fair, consider THIS POST to be a heads up........

I will post the question at 12pm PST tomorrow, SATURDAY 01/20/2012. Again, whoever post the CORRECT answer FIRST, wins!

1) MUST be a FACEBOOK follower (as in you have to LIKE my facebook page)


That's all I'm gonna tell ya!!

Alright, here's a helpful hint; you may want to revisit some of my YT videos..........

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