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Friday, November 4, 2011

MAC BOOK woes.....


I must either be RETARDED or extremely LAZY, because I just cant seem to GRASP my new MACBOOK. PS- Did I mention already on this blog??? PROB NOT

OK, so early Sept 2011 (yes, as in 2 months ago) I purchased a new MACBOOK PRO :)

But every time I go to, say....edit a YT video or edit some pictures, I find myself running to my good ol' VAIO, because this MACBOOK is just taking too long and I don't have the patience to learn. It seems like the WHOLE WORLD is in love with APPLE in general, but I just don't get it. My very first laptop was the UBER TRENDY Orange IBOOK, so my new MAC isn't completely foreign, but as far as editing "stuff", it just isn't the same.  IS there some kind of MACBOOK FOR DUMMIES online site where I can just skim over the basics, sorta like "Cliffnotes-for-the-LAZY"?? Now that the excitement has wore off, I keep think to myself "I could have gotten 2 pairs of Christian Louboutin heels, or least one FAB pair instead......"
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  1. Well I love working on Apples. I have a old iBook, G3, G4, Mac Mini, and so on, I even worked for MacMall selling and answering questions about Mac's. Oh and yes I edit my videos for YT on my Mac mini. I think I did a very quick video response for a subbie. You can go to YT for help with editing if you like or you can just ask meeeeeeeee, lol.