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Monday, October 31, 2011


I know, I know.....I've been MIA on the "BLOG" home front :)

Anyone doing anything fun this Halloween?? Well, not me; (it's going to be) a super busy day tomorrow (well TODAY), so I will be POOPED for Halloween this year. I wanted to be STORM from XMEN, but all of the Halloween plans went down the toilet, so I figure I'll be productive and, what else.....stock up on earrings :)

OFF TOPIC, earlier this month I went to the Tim Burton exhibit at LACMA, and now it seems as if I am obsessed ALL OVER AGAIN with the Nightmare Before Christmas. SO, watching that be the highlight of my night. If anyone CARES :(
SAD, I know, but NOT NEXT YEAR!!!!Hopefully I'll be in NYC doing something FAB!

PS- Any LA-ers looking for last minute Halloween plans, check it out:)
Los Angeles County Museum of Art

or SANTA MONICA BLVD always works!!

                                                             HAPPY HALLOWEEN :)

(PS- AWESOME-NESS "STORM" tutorial via YouTube-er AndreasChoice)

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