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Sunday, November 24, 2013

Farmers Market 11/24/2013

I'm trying my HARDEST to shop at my local FARMERS MARKET in Studio City EVERY WEEK, or at least ever OTHER week. Here's the rundown..........

Farmers Market was CRAZY busy this Sunday due to the #Thanksgiving countdown. The plus side- TONS of delicious samples!!

Just tried my first #organic #vegan #cashew cheese!! It was actually really good! I saw a few You Tube videos on how to actually make Cashew Cheese, so I'm gonna try that first because I'm cheap like that!!! (I have a HUGE bag of nutritional yeast, so at least I have the MAIN ingredient)

This honey was a bit on the pricey side ($10 for 16 oz / 1 lb) , but organic raw honey has TONS of amazing health benefits, AND its cheaper than Trader Joe's (Trader Joe's is $8 for 8 oz)

This homemade bread is SO GOOD! There is never a time where I DON'T have sourdough bread in the house, so I thought I'd break down and purchase this last week ($5 a loaf). Needless to say, this is my second loaf. Next I'm going to purchase the Sourdough-Garlic blend. Garlic Toast with spaghetti.........YUM!!! This "Rosemary" versions is great with humus on top, or even used for a grilled cheese and egg-white sandwich :)

(No, I'm not a vegetarian, just trying to eat better!)

I didn't see my PIE LADY (Pi Bakery) but most likely she was super busy getting orders ready for Thanksgiving (4 days away)

The main reason for shopping was of course for my raw juice. I ended up buying:

2 bundles of Organic Carrots (with the stems)

2 bundles of Organic Dinosaur Kale

1 Organic small Cabbage

2 Organic cucumbers

1 "cluster" of Organic Broccoli (to eat, not juice)

1 bundle of Organic Celery

1 tiny "finger" of Organic Ginger

and 2 lbs of Organic Green Beans (to eat, not juice)

I actually prefer Trader Joe's Organic Fruit because its small and I can fit it into the juicer without any special preparation (yeah yeah yeah, I'm LAZY!)

1 Bags of Organic Apples ( I still have a bag from Last week)

2 Bags of Organic Pears (I would have purchased oranges instead, but I didn't see any organic already bagged oranges in sight)

1 bag of Organic baby spinach (to eat)

1 bunch of Organic Bananas (to eat)


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  1. I am glad to see you eating so well!! And it seems like a lot of fun to get to your local Farmer's Market, not only to buy locally, because it is fresher and has not traveled hundred's of miles to get to you, but because it seems like so much more gratifying to see who you are actually purchasing your veggies from. Cool blog post.