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Sunday, December 11, 2011

DIY Spiked Studded heels!!!!

Spike Heels are HAWT right now, and I wanted a pair, but without the price tag!! These heels were inspired by Ruthie Davis "Spikette" style, but this demonstration can be used to made additional styles as well (Sam Edelman Lorissa pump is another popular "spike" heel)

Kim Kardashian in LUCKY Magazine
SHOES- Shoe-Dazzle "Vogue"
20% off first purchase- http://www.shoedazzle.com/invite/80udr9kpd
Shoedazzle VOGUE in Pewter- (BEFORE)

Original Ruthie Davis Deluxe "Spikette"

I purchased mine in bulk via EBAY *SINOPETSUNION*
However it took about a month to get, but you may purchase individual spikes via


Here's my DIY!!

I also made a few pairs as Christmas Gifts
I purchased these via UbranOG.com,
but you find them at different online retailers..
Qupid "Tatum" in Pewter


DO's and DON'T(s)

DON'T use a pair of heels that are super snug, or too small.

If you don't have a steady hand, DON'T use a FULLY CHARGED power drill. Its obviously
powerful, and it can cause your hand to slip. (TRUST ME; I had a huge "scar"on
my heels, that I had to cleverly cover)

DO create a pattern, I recommend putting the shoe on your foot, THEN creating a pattern.
That was you can figure out your foots/toe pressure points

DON'T put spikes and/or studs on your toe "cleavage(s), or toe knuckles, big
toe or pinky toe area. If you have bunions or corns, avoid those areas *Wink*
DO use the moleskin food padding.

I prefer the WALGREENS brand, they are thinner, you get three sheets, and CHEAPER!!!

DO- PICKUP after yourself!! DON'T leave around children and DON'T leave these on the floor. You may step on them, and STAB your foot (from personal experience!!!!)

If you are using canvas, or a super thin pair of heels/pumps/shoe(s), you may want to check this out.....this device creates holes and grommets. I purchased one for future DIY projects....
I got this at JoAnns Fabrics, but I've seen them at MICHAELS Craft store
What I wore in this video-
SPIKE stretch bracelet in Gunmetal and Black I purchased from random NYC street vendors, however you can purchase them at various online boutiques. 

Earrings by YOURS TRULY:


PS- The REAL Ruthie Davis and her FAB heels!!


  1. I love this idea I have to try it! Thanks

  2. I've been wanting to do this for a while now, thanks for the inspiration :)

  3. Spikes make a woman's legs look awesome. The calves are defined, the thighs firm, and spikes even lessen the look of the cankle that so many women rail on and on about. I mean I bet even Hillary's legs would look hot if she wore a knee length skirt and some 4 inch pump. Christian Louboutin spikes pumps