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Monday, May 30, 2011

"Natural Hair" YouTubers and video watchers LISTEN UP!!!!

Is there a particular YouTuber YOU love, and who YOU think has some AWESOME HAIR, that deserves recognition?? Well, HERE IS YOUR CHANCE to nominate them in the first ever Natural Heart "SMALL FRY"Awards!

Hair Nomination Video!

"You can nominate a youtuber WITH 1K SUBSCRIBERS OR LESS for Best Braidout, Twistout, Protective Styling, Wash N Go, Afro. You may nominate yourself if you like but please be sure to list one person per comment section."
Natural HEART Awards "Education Nomination"

"Nominate your favorite Natural Hair Educator. This is the person that knows the ins and outs about healthy hair growth, care, products, ingredients, EVERYTHING! Nominate the YouTuber that's your go-to person for hair knowledge."

Natural Heart Awards PRIZES and "Sponsor List"! (including yours truly!)


Watch this "Natural Heart  Awards" Welcome  video below:

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