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Sunday, June 26, 2011

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Support A Black Owned Business Part 1 via DKJAMES5

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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Basketball Wives POParazzi inspired.........

     Hey yall!! I know, I know.....I've been neglecting my blog ALOT, but all in good reason! If you follow me on my FaceBook and Twitter pages, you must know by now that I have an ETSY earrings shop, and I've been hinting about at a "Basketball Wives Inspired" hoop earring collection for about a month now, and its pretty much ready!!! This is basically going to be a trial period, as I only made a limited few, just to see what does well and what doesn't...LOL!!!

      Before we get started, let me give you the background story......

     ACTUALLY the idea to make a "Basketball Wives Inspired" SERIES, (if you will) came to me in early February, and I have to give a special thanks to my sister for "planting the seed! She said one day to me, "Do you watch "Basketball Wives"?
".....because Evelyn had some BOMB-ASS beaded wooden earrings, and we should (IE- ME) try to make them"
     Since I didn't watch Basketball Wives (BBW) at the time, I had no idea what she was talking about. I "googled" it, and came across this picture of Evelyn Lozada wearing some "wooden" beaded hoop earrings:

So, I saw these....didn't even ask my sister if these were the ones she was talking about, and got to work. Here was my 1st attempt:

To make a long story short, about a month later, my sister MADE HER OWN earrings (I come from a VERY crafty family!!) and to my surprise, she was talking about THESE "Evelyn" wooden hoop earrings:

Here's my sis and her FAB earrings!

AAARRRGGHHH! She said they were WAY too heavy though and was gonna try again with some lighter beads.... (me and my sis have GANGSTA earlobes, so if they were heavy for HER, they must have been HEA-VY!!). Anyway, I scratched that idea, and forgot about it.

Around March, a friend of mine was at the nail shop in Compton and said she purchased some earrings from some lady (out of a box, no less! Hey, I'm not mad at her... DO YO THANG!!)
 and wanted me to see them. I asked her what they look like, and she said they were "Basketball Wives" inspired. *MY JAW DROPPED*. I "GOOGLED IT" I saw some earrings on the Internet that crossed my eye, and that I WANTED.............
1st pair I wanted......

2nd pair I wanted.....

and it turns out the cast of Basketball Wives were in fact wearing THE HECK out of this style, so I  did yet another "google" search to do a price check and saw that they were $100 a pair. I said "HELL NO", and decided to see if I could make these for myself this time. Here's what I came up with:

Small(er) Gold Rhinestone Crystal Ball Beads

Medium size Gold Rhinestone Crystal Ball Beads with Black Rhinestone Crystal Spacers....

Then, I. WENT. CRAZY!!!!!

After wearing this style, I started seeing them everywhere, and lo and behold, everyone was asking me to make more, so I thought I'd add them to my ETSY shop. I no longer use the original hoops because I find those hurt and twist my earlobes and also I wanted to switch it up a bit. I also didn't want MY earrings to look like everyone elses, so I say these are "Basketball Wives Inspired" and I feel my style is more wearable and not as much pressure is on the ear. I also found some more styles worn by those BBW, so here's a side by side comparison:

"DANGLE STYLE (also in "clip-ons")
SO this is just basically a "sneak peak", and I will be adding the above styles to my ETSY shop this week. I will be experimenting with other colors (that's is what was taking so DARN long), but these are my "Guinna pigs", and I'm anxious to see how they will do. I'm working on another style, but I couldn't wait any longer!! :)
SO what do y'all think?? Any color or color combo you wanna see? PS- I will do the original, if requested! Contact me via ETSY. Thanks for reading!!!!!!!!

UPDATE as of 06/29/2011
LOTS of new "Poparazzi"style and "Basketball Wives" inspired hoop earrings had been added to my ETSY shop bearing the likeness of the original designs.